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What is Meditation?

There's so much news about the benefits of meditation around these days but many people still seem to have a misconception of what it actually is.

People think it's about emptying the mind or making your thoughts go away.

Meditation is the simple act of being present with yourself. Awareness of the body, the breath, sounds around and thoughts (as a more advanced practice).

As with yoga, there are different types of meditation. I have written blog articles on a few of them which I will post over the next few days.

A recent client session where my client struggles with insomnia due to thoughts at night prompted me to give him a quick demo of how to meditate.

Here it is for you. The simplest & easiest method which doesn't require anything is breathing.

Sit in a comfortable posture with the spine straight. Close your eyes and rest your hands on your knees or in your lap.

Inhale slowly to a count of 8, ensuring your breathing deeply so that the abdomen expands and you're breathing from the belly and diaphragm, not just the chest, then exhale to a count of 8.

Keep the focus of your attention on the breath. If your mind wanders be gentle with yourself and just keep bringing it back to the breath.

The breath is the bridge between your mind and the body. When you slow the breath down the mind automatically starts to quieten.

Voila! You're meditating! Let me know if that helps. Warmly, Ani x