Are you unwittingly self-sabotaging your best efforts?

Intrigued to know your Ayurvedic Dosha (personality and body type)?

The Ultimate Blueprint for Individuals and Entrepreneurs

We create a bespoke tailor-made program for you based on where you and your business are and what you want to achieve.

Experience has taught me that a 6-month minimum program creates substantial transformation and a year permanent behaviour and habit changes.

Whilst each plan is specific for you these are some common themes and programs we offer.

The Ultimate Results Program Level 1

Rebalancing program

If you are stressed, overwhelmed, suffering from burn out, have a strong inner critic, perfectionist tendencies and or like to be in control (but a bit too much) then the rebalancing program will kickstart your life.

It will help you regain control over your thoughts, feelings and experience of life. You will feel calmer, happier, more balanced, stress free and start to have more joy, fulfilment, and peace in every area.

Relationships with friends, family and colleagues are improved. You have more focus, clarity, and presence. Feel more relaxed and at ease.

You will feel like you are truly living again and not just existing and going through the motions of life but really experiencing more joy in all areas of your life.

The Ultimate Results Program Level 2

Master the flow state

Once you are back in equilibrium you can supercharge your results in 6 months.

Here you begin to master the ‘flow state”.

We work on you living your best life, we dive into your dreams, purpose, passion, values, and the legacy and impact you want to leave in the world.

By being in flow state, you will have even more clarity, focus, and the things that you want in life will come easily and effortlessly to you. No longer needing to strive by aligning with your true calling here you will harness the power of flow and zone of genius to attract and manifest everything you’ve always wanted but eluded you.

Some things that clients have achieved in this program:

  1. Building your business and taking it to the next level aligned with your passion, purpose and values;
  2. Leaving a job, you hate to strike out on your own and do what you have always loved to do;
  3. Getting a relationship after being single for 20 years;
  4. Getting your dream job in another country satisfying your urge to travel and have new adventures;
  5. Doing a speaking gig you were once too scared to contemplate.

Success can be yours

Vicky Nisbet

Senior Area Vice President at Salesforce UK

I cannot recommend Ani enough, she is a wonderful person, very insightful and supportive, whatever your challenge she will help you through it.

Ronen Yancu

Vice President & Global Head of Strategy at HP

I truly and wholeheartedly recommend Ani Naqvi as a mentor and a coach for a better life. This experience will change you forever !! Thank you Ani, for everything!