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Life Changing Transformational Mentoring with Ani Naqvi.

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I can help you get there, faster.

Unlock true contentment

Harness the magnetic power of ease-and-flow to attract your desires rather than chasing them.

Make a positive impact

Live your life's true purpose by aligning your values and mission to achieve harmony in your mind, body and soul

Find peace and balance

Unlock a deep inner peace by learning to let go of the past and be fully present in the moment, no matter how dark times get.

Are you living your life WITH purpose?

Do you want to...

  • Feel more grounded, content and fulfilled
  • Build resilience, emotional regulation and stress management
  • Do the deep work that will connect you to a profound sense of purpose and inner peace?
  • Make decisions that are steeped in joy - not from a place of fear

“Ani has a unique gift…whether you’re looking for a big transformation or simply want to find the right path for you, working with Ani is quite simply a life-changing experience”

But truth is, sometimes it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees

You feel like you’re going too fast to enjoy the journey.


You’re so consumed by the day-to-day that you’re losing sight of what you truly want or where you thought you were heading.  


When you’re too close to see clearly, you need a Guide to show you the path. An insightful mentor to hold a non-judgemental space and shine a light on the real obstacles holding you back (because it’s never what you think).


I can help you unlock the power of boundless confidence and self-acceptance that will help you connect with your true purpose and find the deep inner peace and fulfilment you’ve been searching for.


You are what you think...

I’m Ani and I have two decades of experience working with high-achievers like you to help you get out of your own way so that you can create the dream-life you want to lead. 

I work with you as a Mentor and Guide and together, we get deep clarity on what’s REALLY going on for you, tuning into your thoughts to harness your strengths and calm the noisy chatter of your inner critic – because, in simple terms; you are what you think.

Using evidence-based psychology, neuro-linguistic-processes and the teachings from ancient wisdoms I can help you unlock meaningful and positive transformation by helping you to recognise and reach your full potential so that you can live an abundant and fulfilled life. 

I bring to the table a unique repertoire of skills including mindfulness, breathwork, NLP, hypnotherapy, and ayurveda and a solid track-record in literally rocking people’s world.

"Ani’s impact on my professional and personal life has been profound. One of Ani's greatest strengths is her ability to ask probing questions, listen intently, without prejudice or judgement, and allow one to make the connections to new mental models that produce lasting cognitive and behavioral change." Franklin Reed


The Ultimate Results Blueprint

My 5-step signature Ultimate Results Blueprint creates total clarity on who you are and what you want.


It helps you understand what’s working against you and how to play to your strengths to meet life’s challenges head-on.


It helps you create alignment across your whole life, and bring your mind, body and soul into harmony so that you can fulfil your life’s purpose. 


Each step through the Blueprint is a step toward deep fulfilment and the ultimate

results YOU want.


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If you're ready to do the work, Ultimate Solution Blueprint will get you there. Book a call to begin living your dream life now.

Be truly content

Harness the power of ease and flow to attract what you want rather than chasing it

Make a positive impact

Align with your values, purpose, and mission in life to achieve harmony in your mind, body and soul

Find peace and balance

Learn how to be fully present in this moment, truly let go of the past whist trusting the process of life no matter how dark times can get.

Whether you’re an individual or a business leader looking for mentoring for their executive teams you need a bespoke programme. Your personalised programme includes multiple aspects according to YOUR needs.


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