Executive coaching to 10x your results with Ani Naqvi

Ultimate Results Group founder and Transformation Expert

Enhance your life beyond your wildest expectations

Yes you can

  • achieve mental fitness science-based actions that create permanent behaviour changes
  • build resilience, emotional regulation and stress management
  • get to the root cause of your issue
  • develop intuitive skills
  • get you the results you want
  • access the latest technology app based mental fitness combined with ancient wisdom


Ani is the founder, CEO, tsunami survivor and former BBC Broadcast Journalist.

Through years of dedicated professional learning including qualifications in Mindfulness/Meditation, Positive Intelligence, Mental Fitness, Breathwork/Ayurveda/NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy, Coaching and focused effort, Ani has founded a consulting company and become a successful, healthy, happy, calm, centred, but no-BS, globe-trotting entrepreneur, transformation expert, guide, sparring partner, consultant, mentor and author.

Do you want to clarify, align and achieve?

10 x your results, personally and professionally?

Find profound fulfilment, satisfaction, and contentment?

Since 1987

You can live the life you truly want to live, with no limits

It is 100% possible for you to have the power of the boundless confidence, self-acceptance, and resilience needed to achieve astonishing success AND find contentment in every moment.

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Be truly content

Harness the power of ease and flow to attract what you want rather than chasing it

Make a positive impact

Align with your values, purpose, and mission in life to achieve harmony in your mind, body and soul

Find peace and balance

Learn how to be fully present in this moment, truly let go of the past whist trusting the process of life no matter how dark times can get.

The Ultimate Results Blueprint will fast-track your journey

Whether you’re an individual or a business leader looking for coaching for their executive teams you need a bespoke programme. Your personalised programme includes multiple aspects according to YOUR needs.


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