Are you unwittingly self-sabotaging your best efforts?

Intrigued to know your Ayurvedic Dosha (personality and body type)?

Meet Ani

After 15 years of C-suite leadership I pride myself in creating exceptional results for my clients, maximising their potential and leading themselves and their teams to success, balance fulfilment, freedom, joy, and purpose.

I am an accredited:


NLP Practitioner

Mental Fitness Coach (Positive Intelligence)

Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

Ayurvedic Consultant

Yoga Therapist



My Transformational Consultant journey started after I survived the 2004 Asian tsunami and appeared on Oprah to talk about why I’d been saved when a quarter of a million others died. My survivor guilt led me to search for my purpose over the next decade, bringing me to my current coaching path. I’ve been working as a full-time accredited coach for seven years, and previously spent 15 years as a C-suite executive.

My Proudest Accomplishment

Organising the rescue of myself and 100 people after nearly drowning in the tsunami while stranded on a remote part of Sri Lanka with no way in or out and writing a memoir about my journey to now from there and how it helped me find my true purpose in life, to help others through expert mentoring.

Transformational Style

Transformative, direct, intuitive, challenging, caring, compassionate and non judgemental.

Most Grateful For

Being alive after 4 near-brushes with death experiences and finding my purpose a decade after telling Oprah I would one day.

My Outlook and Qualifications/Accreditations

An honours graduate in IS and Politics, I started my career as a BBC Broadcast Journalist wanting to change the world. I still want that, but through meaningful mentoring interactions. By impacting the leaders of tomorrow, we can influence the world in a positive way so that it’s a better place for everyone. Creating awareness in our business leaders has the largest impact on employee and business practices, which in turn affects millions. In honour of the number of people that died in the 2004 tsunami, my personal mission is to inspire, motivate and empower a quarter of a million people to stop simply existing and start living joyful, meaningful lives with passion and purpose. When I’m not mentoring, I love traveling. I live and work abroad for parts of the year, and just spent a few months in Costa Rica. I also live in Italy, the USA, Sri Lanka and Thailand, to name a few

I create a warm, non-judgemental and safe space for my clients to go deep. My skills, experience and knowledge, coupled with qualifications in a range of disciplines—NLP, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Acupuncture, amongst others—give me a holistic view and measured approach. I focus on the root cause, rather than the symptoms, as this is where the greatest transformation lies. I am intuitive and insightful, but allow plenty of time and space for clients to express themselves as honestly as possible. I leverage multidisciplinary techniques, both ancient and contemporary wisdom, and my own experiences during structured, action- and results-oriented sessions.


“I’ve got to say WOW! Ani is incredible. I was struggling and needed help to get through a feeling of being a hostage of my own mind. Ani made me feel completely comfortable and calm about opening up. She’s seriously a miracle worker. Ani, I don’t know how you do it but I can’t thank you enough for helping me. You’re an amazing person with a true GIFT!”

“Ani is an excellent coach. She is intuitive, supportive, caring and compassionate at the same time she delivers brilliant results. She helped me gain clarity and insight into some areas of my life and I would highly recommend her.”

“I’ve seen major changes in my life, including an overall feeling of happiness and joy, greater confidence and belief in myself.”