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Women in Business Keynote Speech

Ani spoke at her first public event to thousands of participants at the world famous Karren Brady (apprentice of the TV show 'The Apprentice') expo for Women in Business & Tech. Sharing her inspirational journey with female C-suite executives and leaders, Ani conveyed the powerful message that every challenge is an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

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Stories of Survival

Ani Naqvi, a former BBC television producer, played a vital role during the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka. She provided crucial information and coordination, contributing to the airlift of hundreds of survivors to safety in the aftermath of the world's largest disaster in our lifetime, the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. Oprah interviewed her to discuss her efforts and share her experiences. Read the full article for more details on her remarkable story.

The Telegraph

I was almost killed in the Boxing Day tsunami – and it gave me a reason to live

After being swept up in the tsunami of 2004, I battled survivor’s guilt and flashbacks to find new purpose


Why it’s okay to take a career break

Ani Naqvi, a coach and transformational expert, challenges societal expectations by advocating for the importance of taking a career break. She emphasizes the need for reflection, self-discovery, and finding one's purpose. Read the full article now to explore the benefits of embracing this transformative journey.

Daily Express

Simple Pleasures

In this article, Ani, along with other experts, provides valuable insights into affordable feel-good tips that can uplift your mood, especially in the face of rising living costs.

The Midlife Festival

The Midlife Festival

Discover the keys to inner confidence in midlife, menopause, and beyond with insights from Ani Naqvi. Explore lifestyle measures, holistic treatments, and valuable career advice for women seeking a positive change. Read the full article now.

Women in Business and Tech

Keynote Speaker

Embark on a gripping journey of survival, resilience, and purpose with Ani Naqvi, former BBC journalist, as she shares her inspiring tale of overcoming the 2004 tsunami. Read about her transformative exploration of self through yoga, meditation, and holistic practices, evolving into a beacon of empowerment, motivation, and inspiration.

The Happiness Planner

Inspiring Brunch

Ani was honored to be invited as a speaker at an event hosted by The Happiness Planner. She participated in a panel discussion alongside Becky Stanton and Kimberly-Ann Evans, exploring the themes of resilience, reinvention, and embracing new beginnings.


How Do I Know Which Yoga Class Is Right For Me?

Explore the key aspects of choosing the right yoga practice aligned with your Ayurvedic constitution in this insightful article featuring Ani Naqvi. Read the full article now to discover how Ayurveda can guide your yoga journey.

Podcast Episodes

Discover Ani's different stories and ideas as she joins various podcast shows as a guest. Each episode brings a unique view into her experiences and thoughts on topics like personal growth and overcoming challenges.

Ani Naqvi, a survivor of both a tsunami and cancer, will share her powerful coaching insights on thriving beyond survival, understanding negativity bias, and the importance of gratitude, mental fitness, self-care, and meditation. Prepare for inspiring stories and transformative tools.

In this podcast episode, Ani discussed thoroughly about Impostor Syndrome. Together with Carina Greweling, they covered topics like the inner critic, gender differences, societal expectations, and strategies for overcoming it.

Join Ani in this podcast episode as she explores the world of Saboteurs. Learn about common inner adversaries like the inner critic and perfectionist, crucial for overcoming negative voices and building confidence and success.

In this episode of The Hive Nation podcast, Ani delves into captivating discussions on being present in the moment, uncovering profound meaning in life, and discovering inner strength during challenging times.

This episode centered on the topic of how our own self-saboteurs afflict our lives and strategies to overcome these self-saboteurs to escape our surviving brain and start reaping the benefits of our thriving brain.

 In this episode you will learn about neuroplasticity, overcoming negativity bias, empowerment and growth. Having overcome the catastrophic 2004 tsunami and three near-death experiences, Ani brings invaluable insights, including the ability to turn challenges into opportunities, a profound appreciation for life's blessings, and unyielding resilience. 

In an episode on Daisy Maskell's KISS FM Podcast, Ani Naqvi opens up about her journey, sharing profound insights and personal experiences. From navigating darkness to finding the light, Ani reflects on the valuable lessons that have shaped her path.

Embark on an inspiring journey with Ani, a former BBC journalist turned transformational life coach, as she shares her harrowing encounter with the 2004 Indian Ocean Boxing Day Tsunami. Surviving the catastrophe, Ani navigated through 15 years of personal challenges, including PTSD and depression, before transforming her experiences into a source of assistance for others.

In this heartfelt episode, Ani Naqvi shares her story as a survivor of the 2004 tsunami, an event that changed many lives. The conversation explores how she faced the challenges and changes that followed, growing into a stronger person for herself and those around her.

Join Ani and Kristen Wright in this engaging podcast series as they delve into a variety of topics, including intentionality, love, the power of manifesting, and much more.

In this captivating podcast episode, Ani delves into the profound transformation of turning survivor guilt into a powerful purpose. She unravels the essence of happiness by sharing insights on aligning with one's true self. The episode also explores the importance of recognizing and cherishing the things that bring joy.

In this powerful podcast episode, Ani Naqvi shares her journey of resilience and transformation. Having faced the challenges of battling cancer, Ani embraces the truth in the saying "What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger."