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Out of the comfort zone


We all have a comfort zone, where we feel safe & protected BUT in order for us to grow personally and professionally, we need to move into the stretch zone.

Ten years ago working as the Head of Projects I used to hate doing presentations. I’d get clammy hands, my voice would break and I’d stay up the night before stressing out about them.

I’d often have to represent the department’s report updates to the Board and my external veneer of confidence felt like it would crack.

My fear was around what if I mess it up, look stupid, make a fool of myself, or get found out as a fraud, the usual things that many people fear.

I was living behind a mask, presenting an uber confident version of me while inside I was a writhing mess of insecurity.

Now with the support and encouragement of my own coach I’ve done my first facebook live!

Because in order for us to grow we need to feel the fear and do it anyway.

What would you like to feel more courageous about to help you grow?

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