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Top Health Tips for Supporting Yourself Against Corona Virus


No matter what you think of the coronavirus, your best defense is having a healthy immune system. Learn how you can best protect yourself holistically.

No matter what you think of the coronavirus, your best defense is having a healthy immune system. Learn how you can best protect yourself holistically.

I’ve had a number of people reaching out for advice on the Corona Virus so for those of you worried here are a few tips to help keep your immune system healthy.


The Corona Virus appeared in China in December last year. It caused a stir as one of the worlds largest economies shut its borders and imposed a quarantine on millions of its citizens, jeopardizing global trade and triggering a worldwide panic when ‘only’ 71 people had died.

The annual flu virus causes hundreds of deaths every year but doesn’t get this kind of unprecedented press coverage and there are certainly no restrictions on daily life.

I jokingly wondered if the Chinese Government knew something we didn’t. That it was either a far greater number of cases than they were admitting or the virus was some newly developed weapon of war that had escaped from a lab. Now I wonder if these words had a greater ring of truth to them. Obviously, we will never know, there is normally a press blackout on this kind of thing but the need for some sort of protection should be thought about. Just in case.


It spreads through droplets in the air. You can pick it up from people nearby you in a crowd - anyone coughing, sneezing or spitting near you. It’s hard to recognize if you have it – symptoms are usually initially mild and just like having a normal cold. It has an incubation period of around 14 days, and severely affected patients go on to develop fever and cough and severe inflammation in the lungs.


First of all don’t panic. If your immune system is strong you should be able to fight the virus should you get infected. Here are some useful tips.

Regularly wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and water, especially when you are in public places. Use an alcohol hand sanitizer in between.

The masks that work are the heavy duty ones most of which seem to be sold out but look for ones that have virus protection filters in them. The normal ones you see in hospital are not suitable for this.

As we don’t know much about the virus we don’t know what will cure it so these are some general immune boosting vitamins.

Take a good multivitamin without Iron for general good health. The liquid ones are easier for the body to absorb, this is the one I take Aqueous Multi Plus available online.

Vitamin C to boost the body’s natural defense systems (liquid versions are easier to absorb)

Zinc lozenges also a great addition to strengthen and boost the immune system the one - the one I take is

Propolis is my go to for any throat infection from a sore throat all the way up to severe tonsillitis. I like the strong, purest version, in liquid form and squirt some drops directly on to the site of infection, it can burn but it’s a strong anti viral, anti fungal and immune booster. I take a Comvita one or HEB have a good $5 one in the USA.

Vitamin D3 in oil to be taken daily, these are much better absorption than capsules or tablets, put a few drops in water or juice.

Up your levels of B12 if you’re a vegetarian this is even more important again liquid ones are easier to absorb.

Colloidal silver. You can buy this, in spray form, in most health stores. Spray it up each nostril and at the back of your throat for anti-viral protection. One research test pitted 650 different viruses against it, and not one lived to tell the tale.

With all vitamins and supplements make sure you get quality ones. Good brands include but are not limited to Lamberts, Solar, and A.D.P

Elderberry syrup. Research has shown that protective compounds in berries wipe out viral spikes preventing spreading. A study, looking at viruses and the efficacy of elderberry juice syrup, showed that those who took a daily dose recovered far quicker than the control group who didn’t take anything at all. 20% were better within 24 hours, 70% in 48 hours, and 90% had recovered completely in 3 days

Oil of Oregano is a powerful anti viral and anti parasitic and can also be taken, warning the tablets are quite big and can be difficult to swallow, A.D.P by Biotics is the one I take.

Alkalize your body, by favoring green vegetables, whole foods and fresh fruit. Cut out sugar, processed food, wheat and dairy.

Avoid ibuprofen and steroids if you’re experiencing flu like symptoms. Studies of those that have died are showing that there could be a link between COVID-19 and this popular medicine…but not in a good way.

Stay relaxed and happy, these are the best immune boosting things you can do for yourself.

Be well, Love Ani x