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The inner critic

We all have an inner critic, a voice inside. This part is a part of ourself and represents our fears.

Its purpose is there to keep us safe. Protect us from harm. Keep us cosy and comfortable.

It’s our internal protector and it likes what we already know.

The familiarity of how we have always been.

When we challenge ourselves and move out of our comfort zone this part of us can manifest in many ways.

It can appear as the nagging drone in our heads that tells us we’re not good enough, or that if we try this new thing we will fail or it can appear as resistance etc. This can manifest as ‘laziness”, inertia, a feeling of being stuck etc.

Have you ever started a journey of self-discovery or a new project to feel that you’re growing/moving from one state to another and then bang, you’re back to the old state again?

This is our inner resistance dragging us back to the status quo where it feels comfortable.

But growth doesn’t live in being comfortable, it lives in our stretch zone, in the challenges we endure and overcome.

So next time you feel yourself soar but then land back to earth with a bump, take solace and know that there must have been some development in the first place for you to soar.

Realise that this resistance will also pass, observe it, and reassure that fearful part that you’re OK.

Nourish all aspects of yourself.

Put into action things that will once again challenge you.

And get ready for the next stage of growth.

I’m curious, have you experienced this and how have you overcome it?

Ani x