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Positive Mind, Positive Life – Uncover Limiting Beliefs

Positive Mind, Positive Life - Uncover Limiting Beliefs 💪

👉Ever wanted a step by step guide on smashing your limiting beliefs and creating the mindset that will help you attract what you want and create a happy and fulfilling life? 👇

Well this is one of the many things I do with my clients that I'd like to share with you.

🌼 Here are 5 top tips for you on how to create a positive mind. 👇

👉1) Tune into your subconscious inner dialogue. Notice what it's saying and how it makes you feel. Turn the volume up on it so you can decipher what it's actually saying.

👉2 ) Become conscious of your internal dialogue and subconscious thoughts. Move it from the subconscious into the conscious where you have more control over it.

We have inner chatter running through our minds all day long. Much of this is usually negative in content.

Examples, "Why did you do that stupid." "You look so fat in that." "Argh another miserable day." "The weather's crap again." "When will this pandemic end, I'm sick of this now." etc etc.

👉3) Once you become conscious of these thoughts challenge them.

Examples, "Why did you do that stupid?" Notice the unkind language your using with yourself, and think would I talk to my child like that or my best friend/partner/boss etc? No so don't talk to yourself like that.

Also notice how your language is either positive or negative.

👉4) Challenge the thought/belief/statement. Is this really true? Am I really stupid? What evidence is there to support the opposite? Examples, "I finished school, I launched my own business, I have a good job where I have to use my brain. I'm the Head of Programs," etc

👉5) Create a new belief/statement/thought one more positive than that.

Examples "I am an intelligent and thoughtful person. I nourish myself with positivity and love. I respect myself, I am kind to myself." etc

Voila! If you do this constantly through the day and regularly you WILL change your thoughts and mindset and begin to have more positivity in your life. 😘

If you have any questions about this practice or would like to see how I could support you further, please contact me,

With love and light, wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Ani x