Testimonials (old)




Before I started coaching with Ani, I was in one of the most difficult phases of depression episodes in my life. It was so bad, that at one point I believed that dying would be easier than living the way that I was. I had given up on any hope of ever feeling better, and the idea of living another 40-50 years of my life in this condition disheartened me. I was willing to do anything to help myself, so I decided to do some online counselling with a licensed therapist for about four months, but to my disappointment, it didn’t turn out to be as helpful as I hoped and I ended up leaving it.

 Ani ended up reaching out to me about coaching and offered me an opportunity that changed my life.

 I went from not being able to function without antidepressants for two years, taking a short term leave from work and spending most of my days crying or sleeping in bed, to finally feeling like I had some life in my veins and some purpose to live.

 Ani coached me to help me gain more clarity about what changes I wanted to see in my life.

 She used meditation, Ayurvedic medicine, and various coaching techniques to help me find clarity of what goals I wanted to set, and direction on how to achieve those goals.

 Her techniques helped empower me to find the answers within myself, set up a plan on how to achieve my goals and measurements on how to track the progress.

 I finally started to feel like I had purpose in my life, and slowly started to gain the courage to get out of bed and look forward to my day.

 She was very professional, patient, and kind and her positive energy helped me get through some extremely tough times.

 She is passionate about her work, knowledgeable in meditation and Ayurveda, so you know you can trust her. She also cares about her clients and does not do it for the money, but more for her desire to help people, which you will experience for yourself.

 She has changed my life in the span of a few months and I cannot thank her enough for the blessings! I have become a stronger and better person because of her and feel like I am finally achieving things I always wanted to in life but didn’t have the courage or direction to achieve them.

 Highly recommend her! Thank you so much, Ani! You are truly a blessing.


I came to see Ani for crippling social anxiety which meant I found it difficult to be around others & lived in fear of others judgement. But after coaching with Ani I felt great, very light compared to the heaviness from before. I used to have a heavyweight on my chest worrying about what people say or what might happen & I learnt to let that go. I hadn’t felt that good in a while. I was able to spend more time with people as before I’d just hide in my room avoiding contact.

I was able to focus more on me and my thoughts, and how they were negatively impacting me and contributing to my anxiety. Within even a session I took away a variety of tools and techniques that helped me remove my negative thoughts while focussing on positive thoughts. This helped remove my self-consciousness so I became happier. Thanks, Coach! Honestly, sometimes someone listening makes a huge difference but someone listening to you and uplifting you is even better. Thank you so much, I am a changed person, I can sleep better whereas I had insomnia before. More open about my struggles, much happier & everyone, friends, family & colleagues have all noticed a big difference. I can’t thank you enough for your support.


It’s been two weeks since my first coaching session with Ani and I am delighted with the results. Having approached my first session with what I thought was a healthy level of scepticism, any doubts I had originally about the potential benefits of such a process were blown out of the water within the first twenty minutes. I was very impressed with how quickly Ani pinpointed where her expertise could make the biggest positive impact. Within what seemed like just a few minutes, Ani was helping me identify where some relatively simple changes in my behaviour and my perspective could have remarkably positive influences on my day to day life. Ani was easy to trust and respectful, patient and empathetic throughout. I would highly recommend Ani to anyone, whether they feel they would benefit from big and/or small changes in their everyday. I loved it. More, please. Thank you, Ani.


The clarity and positivity I feel after a session with Ani is unforgettable. 

Using a grounding and perceptive approach she explores issues with sensitivity and insight. The language she uses is gentle however the impact of her methods is extremely powerful. Ani encourages you into a place where you can discuss any issue or barrier in a completely safe non-judgemental environment. It is from this point she is able to provide tangible techniques to help overcome specific concerns or fears. I find the visualisations particularly powerful and use them frequently to help manage stressful situations. 

I would highly recommend Ani to anyone who has concerns that may be holding them back or stopping them from achieving their potential, which is so many of us! Thank you, Ani. 


I couldn’t be happier with Transformational Life Coaching with Ani! Just within a few sessions, she was able to help me land a job after years of trying myself and giving up hope. She continues to help me become a better version of myself!


Ani is a really intuitive and approachable coach and has helped me with managing a stressful period and return to work. She is very compassionate and easy to confide in. I was also impressed with how sensitive she is to cues, and she picked up on other issues that I hadn’t realised were relevant at first, but turned out to be really central to my current problems. I felt like she was interested in me as a whole person and we were then able to use this understanding to make lasting changes in some of my self-limiting beliefs and to help me keep calm and focussed during a busy period of life.


Ani is warm, approachable and she skilfully used her techniques to help me identify what I was needing help with. I found Ani to be very patient and I really felt I was in safe hands throughout the process. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Ani to others.


I highly recommend sessions with Transformational Life Coaching with Ani! I have coached with Ani for a few months and she has helped empower me to find more direction and purpose that I was looking for in my life. I was able to identify what my passions are, turn those passions into realistic goals, and then set up a plan on how to achieve them. After coaching with her, I was offered a promotion at my job, I began working out and eating healthy, and I was able to find more calm and joy just overall in my life. She is professional, passionate, and knowledgeable in her work. She also cares about her clients and does not do it for the money, but more for her desire to help them, which you will experience for yourself! Can’t thank her enough! Thank you, Ani x


One of the best transformational coaches I have come across.


Thank you for your excellent service Ani, It really helped me to clear my mind to move forward with a big decision.


She is an excellent coach, and I would recommend everyone to seek her support, she’s a wonderful human being. Thank you, Ani