My Practice

My Practice


My approach

My holistic approach is based upon all my skills, experiences and life journey—as an ICF accredited Coach, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Therapist, NLP Practitioner, Mindfulness Instructor and Holistic and Wellbeing writer. Formally a BBC journalist & Head of Projects for corporate, charities, and NGO’s I have walked in your shoes & understand the challenges you face.

My life experience, skills and qualifications are perfectly positioned to help you take a deep dive and uncover the great potential you have within.


what is coaching?

Coaching helps you get clarity, direction and focus on identifying your goals, and setting an action plan to making that happen.

It helps you go from where you are to where you want to be. The answers are within you, they just need to be lit up.

Through powerful, intuitive questioning I help create awareness and you gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Once you’re aligned with your true purpose it’s easier to achieve happiness and fulfilment. Change can be quick and powerful.


Effective Positive Impact

Through coaching I achieve positive, sustainable results, rapidly. Your wellbeing and happiness is my focus and inspiration.

Some core themes that come up for clients revolve around their goals, dreams & aspirations, relationships, work, happiness/mood disorders, work/life balance & negative or limiting patterns of behaviour/thoughts.

I have successfully coached all my clients to be happier, calmer, and live their big, bold life.



Identify Your Goals, Dreams and Ideal Life


Coaching creates awareness so you get clarity on what you want.  It helps you identify a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) action plan to get you to your goals, I help keep you accountable to your actions thereby ensuring you stick to your goals & provide you with the challenge and support you need to channel your true and fullest potential. 

I’ve had clients who were unhappy with their current job & life & through coaching they were able to gain clarity on what they wanted once they put their action plan together they went about implementing it step by step. A few clients then went on to resigning from their jobs they disliked, to get new and better jobs, and one client also being promoted within 6 months to Head Group Accountant enabling her to buy not one but two properties! 



Feel Calmer, Happier,

and Fulfilled


Everyone has stresses in life but it’s how we deal with them that sets us apart. If you suffer from anxiety, stress, depression or overwhelm, coaching will help you to get to the root cause. I use reframing techniques and powerful visualisations to shift your perspective so you feel calmer, happier & more fulfilled.  

I’ve had a number of clients who have presented with severe depression and anxiety and came to coaching after trying therapy without much success.  Depression is when we are stuck in the past and anxiety is when we worry about the future. 

My yoga therapy certification, meditation and mindfulness teaching and coaching helps clients to stay in the present moment. With the use of some simple breathing techniques, some mindfulness and meditation techniques clients are able to overcome severe anxiety in a short space of time. 

We have a choice in the way we feel and that they could choose to feel differently.  

The anxiety was triggered by social anxiety and a fear of being judged and caring too much about what others thought. Once they identified this they set into motion a plan that would counteract this.  We worked on their self confidence, self esteem and people pleasing tendencies. Once they realised their own value their anxiety disappeared and they felt lighter, happier & calmer within a short time frame. The client came off all their depression medication and anti anxiety medication within a month of coaching after having been in therapy for a year. 



Get You The Relationships You Want and Deserve


Have you settled for someone who is not good enough for you? Are you single but long for a relationship? Coaching gets to the root of whether you really do want a relationship and helps you manifest it.  By diving in deep into your motivations for a relationship & understanding exactly what you want in a mate you can attract your ideal partner.

When you start to love & accept yourself as you are and really own it, you naturally attract more people to you. Not just partners but friendships, colleagues at work, etc. Understanding your unique gifts and talents and gaining a deep awareness of the work you need to do before you attract your ideal partner is crucial. Once you have overcome this you can manifest your ideal partner within a matter of a few months. I know as I did this!



Uncover and Smash Negative Patterns of Behaviour Holding You Back


We all have a voice in our head, quietly chattering away in the background, making us feel bad a lot of the time. Or thoughts such as I can’t do that or I’m no good at this, plague us daily.  But your thoughts are not reality, they are just voices in your head that are there to hold you back. Once you understand and realise this through coaching techniques where I use some NLP tools you’re able to uncover each belief and overcome it.

Once we have identified these negative thought patterns I go deep to uncover where they arise from.  Many times they come from childhood and our inner child. I use gentle practices to allow the expression of this inner child and acknowledge the fears that are presented while at the same time gently releasing these fears and patterns.



Get That New Job or Promotion


Do you suffer from impostor syndrome or do a job because it pays the bills but you have no real passion for? Maybe you’ve been a stay at home mum who’s struggling to get back into the workforce. Or you’re in a job where you work all hours & have no work/life balance.

I coached a client who had been interviewing for a new job for 5 years but was unable to secure an offer. After just a few sessions of coaching we uncovered some deep rooted limiting beliefs and found that the client suffered from low self esteem and a lack of confidence in her abilities. 

Using a variety of tools such as positive affirmations, visualisations and uncovering some deep rooted limiting beliefs and turning them on their head the next interview she went for she got the job.  When you know your worth and value yourself that will come through to others. Are you ready for that well deserved promotion?


Changing your life is within your power, and I can help you find it.