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Terms and Conditions

1.   About our agreement with you


1.1  This Agreement. These Terms and Conditions, together with the applicable Contract Details forms the entire agreement between you and us and governs the provision of our Services to you (as described in the Contract Details). By signing the Contract Details, both parties agree to these terms and conditions.

1.2  Term. This Agreement begins on the final date of signature (Effective Date) of the applicable Contract Details and will continue until the Services have been completed or until terminated in accordance with clause 9.


2.  Fees and payment terms

2.1 Fees. You agree to pay us the Fees set out in the Contract Details, in accordance with the Payment Terms.

2.2 How to pay. Payment of our Fees is by bank transfer, the details of which we will provide to you via an invoice.

2.3 Additional fees. If we incur additional expenses when providing the Services to you, you will reimburse us for pre-approved reasonable expenses that are documented with corresponding receipts.

2.4 VAT. All amounts payable by you exclude VAT, which you shall additionally be liable to pay us at the prevailing rate (if applicable), subject to receipt of a valid VAT invoice.

2.5 Fee increases. Our Fees may change from time to time. We reserve the right to increase our Fees on an annual basis each April. We will notify you in advance of any fee increases and you will have the option to terminate this Agreement if you are unable to agree the new fees.

2.6  Interest on Late Payments. If you fail to make any payment due to us in accordance with the Payment Terms, then you will pay interest on the overdue sum from the due date until payment of the overdue sum. Interest under this clause will accrue each day at 8% a year above the Bank of England’s base rate, but at 8% a year for any period when that base rate is below 0%.

3.  Providing the Services

3.1 Our Coaching Services.

3.1.1  “Coaching” is defined as a relationship between us and your selected employee(s) (the “Coachee(s)”) whereby we work together to discuss and agree goals and plans to help the Coachees improve their own personal, professional or business performance. We facilitate the process by asking thought provoking questions to the Coachee(s) and requiring the Coachee(s) to carry out exercises and assignments in order to help the Coachee(s) better understand their current situation and consider various options and strategies for achieving their goals. We will also provide advice, expertise and suggestions for consideration, but it is for the Coachee(s) to decide ultimately which strategies, actions or plans to pursue to best meet their goals.

3.1.2 For coaching to be effective, it needs to be based on a relationship of trust and honesty between us and the Coachee(s). We may at times ask difficult or challenging questions which require the Coachee(s) to think deeply and respond honestly with their answers. You understand that the power of the coaching relationship can only be granted by the Coachee(s), and it is down to the Coachee(s) to participate fully and honestly if they want to get the best out of the coaching relationship. The Coachee(s) need to be ready and willing

to be coached, to consider new ideas and strategies, and to take on board new learnings and information about themselves which will help them achieve their goals.

3.1.3  We will use our expertise to consider and select the available coaching tools, techniques and models to help you and your selected Coachee(s) to achieve their objectives. We will not, however, be required to account for our working methods.

3.1.4  You will ensure that the Coachee(s) are aware of the terms set out in this section 3 and will be responsible for any breach by your employees of these requirements.

3.1.5 If you have selected to use the Positive Intelligence ® App in utilising my services, then you agree to review and agree (where necessary) to any termsand conditions or privacy notices that Positive Intelligence® may present to you. You agree and understand that the Positive Intelligence® App is a separate third party platform, and we will not be liable for any losses you may suffer as a result of using the Positive Intelligence® App.

3.2  Your warranties. You represent and warrant that you:

(a)    can legally enter into this Agreement and grant all relevant rights;

(b)    will perform your obligations under this Agreement in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations;

(c)    will cooperate with us in all matters relating to the Services, and engage with us in an honest and open manner;

(d)    will provide us with all the necessary information, materials and assistance we may reasonably require (including the information set out in the Client Responsibilities section of the Contract Details), in order to supply the Services, and ensure that such information is complete and accurate in all material respects;

(e)    will maintain an active e-mail account and the necessary technology, utilities and equipment throughout the terms of the Agreement to enable effective communication with us for sessions to be held remotely when necessary; and

(f)     will, at no charge to us, provide or arrange the necessary venue and facilities and/or technology, utilities, equipment and communication systems for the Services and sessions to take place without interruption.

3.3      Our warranties. We represent and warrant that we:

(a)    can legally enter into this Agreement and grant all relevant rights;

(b)    will perform our obligations under this Agreement in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations;

(c)    will provide our Services with reasonable care and skill and in accordance with industry standards; and

(d)    will provide you the Services as described in the Agreement.

3.4      Suspension of Service. If our ability to perform the Services is prevented or delayed by any failure by you to fulfil any obligation listed above, then we will be entitled to suspend performance of the Services until you remedy your default and we may be entitled to terminate the Agreement if the default persists. We will not be responsible for any costs or losses you sustain or incur arising directly or indirectly from our failure or delay to perform the Services as a result of your default. We will be entitled to recover any additional

costs, charges or losses we sustain or incur that arise directly or indirectly from such prevention or delay.

4.        Group / 1:1 Sessions

4.1  Format of Sessions. Group and 1:1 sessions will be by appointment only and can be face to face (venue by mutual agreement)

or by pre-agreed livestream service.  Details of the timings, length and fees will be agreed as per the Contract Details or separately in writing between the parties.

4.2  Attendees of Sessions. You are solely responsible for ensuring the attendees of any of our sessions are familiar with all details about the sessions. This includes the timings, the venue, and access details. You will also ensure that you have all necessary consents and permissions from the attendees to share their personal data with us and for us to record any online sessions.

4.3   Late Attendance.  If you know you, or the Coachees, are going to be late for a session, you, or the Coachee, should contact us to tell

us. If no-one attends within 15 minutes after a session commencement time, we will treat the session as cancelled without notice by you and, if we then decide to make a charge for that session cancelled without notice, you will not be entitled to a refund or to roll-over

the session to another date. This is the case no matter whether the session is for a face to face or online session.

4.4 Online Workshops. Some of our sessions may be provided online via a pre-agreed livestream service (for example Zoom,

Teams, WhatsApp, Skype). When using a third-party supplier for online sessions your personal data, and the personal data of the Coachees, will be treated in accordance with the third-party livestream service supplier’s Privacy Policy.   

4.5    No Liability for Online Livestream Providers. We will not be liable to you, or any Coachee, for any costs or losses incurred as a result of using any third-party online provider for the purposes of attending a session virtually with us. You should make yourself familiar, and ensure the Coachees are familiar, with such providers own terms and conditions and privacy policy before use.

4.6  Timings of Online Sessions. If we provide any of our sessions as a livestream, then we will use reasonable endeavours to make it available and start it at the time it is scheduled to start, but the start may be delayed by circumstances beyond our control. We will not be liable for any such delay.

4.7  Suspension of Online Sessions. In some limited circumstances, we may need to suspend the provision of an online session for one or more of the following reasons:

(1)   To fix technical problems or to make necessary minor technical changes;

(2)   In the event of illness or other circumstances beyond our control.

In the event of any of the circumstances listed above occurring, then we will use reasonable endeavours to give as much notice as possible to you.

4.8  Recording of Sessions. We may sometimes record our sessions for our clients to be able to re-watch at their convenience. 

If you, or any of the Coachee’s, would rather a session was not recorded, you need to notify us at the beginning of a session. Where sessions have been recorded, you are not permitted to share, broadcast, distribute or make available online the recordings outside of your business without our written consent. You are responsible for ensuring all Coachees have consented to the recording of the session and you must notify us if consents have not been obtained.

4.9  Sessions at your Premises: If sessions are held at your premises, you agree to:

 (1)   Inform us of all health and safety and security requirements that apply at your premises; and

(2)  Ensure that any of your equipment needed to run the sessions is in good working order and suitable for the purpose and conforms to all

relevant United Kingdom standards and requirements; and

(3)  Keep and maintain any of our equipment in good condition, (if left at your premises overnight in preparation for a session), and you will not dispose of or use our equipment other than in accordance with our written instructions.

 4.10   Venue for Sessions: If sessions are held in person at a third-party venue, you agree to comply at all times with that venue’s policies and rules about that venue (particularly fire safety and health and safety rules), and will procure that the Coachees will also comply.  You are responsible for your own belongings that you take to a session and neither us nor any third-party venue will be liable for any loss, damage, theft or destruction of any of your belongings.

4.11   Cancellations and Re-schedules. If you, or any of the Coachees, need to cancel or re-schedule any of our booked sessions, then you must notify us as soon as possible. If a session is cancelled less than 24 hours before its scheduled time or if you or any Coachee is more than 15 minutes late for a session, the session shall be treated as spent and we are not obliged to reschedule the session or provide an

additional session (as applicable).

4.12  No Refunds. You are not entitled to any refunds and are responsible for the Fees in full. If you, or any Coachee, cancels any sessions for any reason, you will not be entitled to any refund of Fees already paid. In exceptional circumstances this may be reviewed at our discretion.

5.   Disclaimers

 5.1   In agreeing to receiving our Services, you understand, acknowledge and agree to the following:

·  You accept that we do not guarantee any particular result or outcome from attending our workshops. 

·  You understand that we are not qualified to provide medical or psychological advice, nor can we diagnose or cure conditions, prescribe medication or perform medical treatment, nor interfere with any treatment by a licensed medical professional.

 ·  The Services are not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment, and you agree to ensure that the Coachee does not disregard professional medial or psychological advice, nor delay in seeking it or attempt to self-treat due to any information from sessions.

 ·  We do not provide legal advice or guidance of any kind whatsoever during the provision of our Services, and accordingly no reliance should be placed upon any related discussions, whether express, implied or otherwise. Please ensure your Coachees seek independent legal advice should they require it at any time.

·   You, and the Coachees, are solely responsible for creating and implementing your own choices, actions and results arising out of our sessions and the provision of our Services to you. 

·   Nothing in this disclaimer will limit or exclude any liability that may not be limited or excluded by applicable law.

6.  Intellectual Property

6.1  IP Ownership. Each party retains ownership of their own respective IP (defined in section 6.5). Subject to clause 6.2, all IP Rights arising out of or in connection with the Services (other than IP Rights in any materials provided by you) will be owned by us.

6.2  IP Licence from us. We agree to grant you a fully paid-up, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual licence to use any content shared during the sessions, for the purposes of receiving and using the Services in your business or the Coachees role at work. You may not sub-licence, assign or otherwise transfer the rights granted in this clause 6.2.

6.3   IP Licence from you. You agree to grant us a fully paid-up, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual licence to copy and modify any materials provided by you to us for the term of this Agreement for the purpose of providing the Services to you.

6.4  IP Indemnity. You will indemnify and keep us indemnified at all times against any and all actions, claims, proceedings, costs and damages, and all legal costs and other expenses reasonably incurred by us, or for which we may become liable, with respect to any intellectual property rights infringement claim relating to or arising out of our use of your intellectual property whilst providing the Services.

6.5 Meaning of IP For the purposes of this Agreement, ‘intellectual property’ and ‘intellectual property rights’ means, any copyright and related rights, database right, patents, domain names, registered designs, design rights, trade marks, trade names, logos, trade secrets and know how, rights in performances, rights in goodwill or to sue for passing off, moral rights, the right to make applications for registration of any of the above (or rights of a similar nature) anywhere in the world (a) existing now or at any time in the future; and (b) whether registered or registrable or not.


7.   Confidentiality 

7.1     Definition. Confidential Information means all information relating to a party that is marked as confidential or would reasonably be considered confidential under the circumstances in which it is shared. This includes information relating to fees, pricing, the workshops, scope of services, know-how and this Agreement.

7.2   Exceptions. Confidential Information does not include information that is:

7.2.1    in the public domain not by breach of this Agreement,

7.2.2   already known by the receiving party at the time of its disclosure,

7.2.3   lawfully received by a party free of any obligation of confidentiality at the time of its disclosure,

7.2.4   independently developed by a party without access to or use of Confidential Information, or

7.2.5   expressly indicated as not confidential.


7.3     Obligations. Each party agrees to:

7.3.1   maintain the confidentiality of any Confidential Information shared by the other party,

7.3.2  not disclose, copy or modify the Confidential Information without the owner’s prior written consent,

7.3.3  only use Confidential Information in connection with its performance of this Agreement,

7.3.4  promptly notify the other party upon becoming aware of any breach of these obligations, and

7.3.5  promptly destroy or return any Confidential Information it holds upon the owner’s request, except if required by legal or regulatory obligations to retain copies of Confidential Information which must be securely stored in archival or computer back-up systems and remain subject to this Agreement’s terms.


7.4   Permitted disclosure. Each party may disclose Confidential Information to its affiliates, employees, directors or advisors (Permitted Recipients) on a strictly “need to know” basis who are bound in writing to confidentiality obligations similar to the terms set out in this Agreement. Each party is responsible for all acts or omissions of its Permitted Recipients which would constitute a breach of this Agreement if it were a party to it.


7.5   Necessary disclosure. Each party may disclose Confidential Information if required by law provided that they notify the owner as soon as possible, if legally allowed, and take reasonable steps to limit disclosure.


7.6   Confidentiality term. The confidentiality obligations contained in this Agreement will continue for 3 years after the expiration or termination of this Agreement.


8.   Liability

8.1    Limits on liability. Each party's total liability to the other will not exceed the amount of all fees and expenses paid by you in the 12 months before the date on which the claim arose. However, this limitation will not apply to any breaches of your intellectual property or data protection obligations.

8.2   No indirect losses. Neither party will be liable to the other for any:

(a)   loss of profits,

(b)   loss of business,

(c)   loss of anticipated savings,

(d)   special, indirect, consequential losses, or

(e)   pure economic loss, costs or damages.


8.3    Indemnity. You will indemnify us and keep us indemnified at all times against any and all actions, claims, proceedings, costs and

damages, and all legal costs and other expenses reasonably incurred by us, or for which we become liable, with respect to any intellectual property infringement (clause 6.4) and any data protection claim arising out of your breach of clause 10.1.

8.4     No unlawful exclusions. Nothing in this Agreement will limit either party's liability for fraud/fraudulent misrepresentation or death/personal injury caused by negligence.

8.5     Disclaimer of warranties. All warranties, conditions and other terms implied by statute or common law are excluded from this Agreement, to the fullest extent legally permitted.

9.     Termination

9.1     Termination for Breach. Either party may immediately terminate this Agreement on written notice to the other if the other party repeatedly fails to adequately perform its obligations (such as your failure to pay for the Services, or our failure to deliver the Services in accordance with this agreement).


9.2    Termination for Convenience. We reserve the right, at any time, to withdraw the Services. In such circumstances, any advance payments will be refunded for any Services not yet provided.


9.3    Consequences of Termination. On termination of the Agreement for whatever reason:

9.3.1    you will immediately pay to us all of our outstanding unpaid invoices and interest and, in respect of Services supplied but for which no invoice has been submitted, we may submit an invoice, which shall be payable immediately on receipt;

9.3.2  any provision of the Agreement that expressly or by implication is intended to come into or continue in force on or after termination or expiry of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect; and

9.3.3  termination or expiry of the Agreement shall not affect any of the rights, remedies, obligations or liabilities of the parties that have accrued up to the date of termination or expiry, including the right to claim damages in respect of any breach of the Agreement which existed at or before the date of termination or expiry.


10    Other Important Terms


10.1   Data Protection. We will use any personal information you provide to us to (i) provide the Services; (ii) process your payment for the Services; and (iii) inform you about similar services that we provide, but you may stop receiving these at any time by contacting us. We will process any personal data shared by you to us, in accordance with our Privacy Policy (which can be found on our website, the terms of which are incorporated into this Agreement.  You confirm that you are acting as a data controller in respect of any personal data you share with us about the attendees/ Coachees of the sessions. You represent and warrant that you have (i) obtained all appropriate permissions and consents from the Coachees; (ii) put all necessary notices in place regarding any such data transfer to us; and (iii) you have complied with all applicable data protection laws, to share such personal data with us, for processing purposes, for the duration of this Agreement.


10.2  Independent Status. We will provide our Services to you as an independent contractor.


10.3  Testimonials. When the Services are complete, we will invite you to provide testimonials or feedback. At your discretion, we may use these testimonials and/or feedback on our website, social media or other marketing materials.


10.4   Non-Exclusivity.  The Services are supplied on a non-exclusive basis and we are free to perform similar services for any other

person or organisation.


10.5   Non-Defamation.  Each party agrees to refrain from, either directly or indirectly, making any defamatory comments of any type or nature whatsoever to anyone about the other party, and will not take any action which causes any harm to the other party’s reputation or goodwill.


10.6   Assignment. Neither you or we may assign this Agreement to any third party without the other party’s prior consent, however either party may assign this Agreement to its affiliates or successors in title at any time.


10.7   Force majeure. Neither party is liable or will be in breach of this Agreement for any delays or failures in their performance resulting from an event beyond their reasonable control (a Force Majeure Event). If a Force Majeure Event occurs, the affected party will promptly notify the other and provide details about the event and when it started. If the event continues for more than 15 days, the unaffected party may immediately terminate this Agreement by providing written notice to the other party.


10.8   Amendments. Any variation to this Agreement must be mutually agreed in writing.


10.9  Notices. All notices under this Agreement must be in writing and sent through email or post to the email address or address set out at the start of this Agreement.


10.10  Severability. If any term of this Agreement is found to be void or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the rest of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect.


10.11   Governing law and jurisdiction. This Agreement is governed by the laws of England & Wales and any disputes arising from it will be settled exclusively by the courts of England.


10.12 Copies. This Agreement may be executed in counterparts via electronic signatures, each of which is an original, and all of which constitute one and the same.


Type of data

Lawful basis for processing including basis of legitimate interest

To register you as a new client

(a) Identity

(b) Contact

Performance of a contract with you

To provide our services and to process and deliver any orders including:

(a) providing our services to you

(b) Managing payments, fees and charges

(c) Collecting and recovering money owed to us

(a) Identity

(b) Contact

(c) Financial

(d) Transaction

(e) Marketing and Communications

(f) Sensitive Data

(a) Performance of a contract with you

(b) Necessary for our legitimate interests (to recover debts due to us)

(c) Explicit consent (in the case of Sensitive Data).

To manage our relationship with you which will include:

(a) Notifying you about changes to our terms or privacy policy

(b) Asking you to leave a review or take a survey

(a) Identity

(b) Contact

(c) Profile

(d) Marketing and Communications

(a) Performance of a contract with you

(b) Necessary to comply with a legal obligation

(c) Necessary for our legitimate interests (to keep our records updated and to study how customers use our products/services)

To administer and protect our business and this website (including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, system maintenance, support, reporting and hosting of data)

(a) Identity

(b) Contact

(c) Technical

(a) Necessary for our legitimate interests (for running our business, provision of administration and IT services, network security, to prevent fraud and in the context of a business reorganisation or group restructuring exercise)

(b) Necessary to comply with a legal obligation

To deliver relevant website content and advertisements to you and measure or understand the effectiveness of the advertising we serve to you

(a) Identity

(b) Contact

(c) Profile

(d) Usage

(e) Marketing and Communications

(f) Technical

Necessary for our legitimate interests (to study how customers use our products/services, to develop them, to grow our business and to inform our marketing strategy)

To use data analytics to improve our website, products/services, marketing, customer relationships and experiences

(a) Technical

(b) Usage

Necessary for our legitimate interests (to define types of customers for our products and services, to keep our website updated and relevant, to develop our business and to inform our marketing strategy)

To make suggestions and recommendations to you about goods or services that may be of interest to you

(a) Identity

(b) Contact

(c) Technical

(d) Usage

(e) Profile

(f) Marketing and Communications

Necessary for our legitimate interests (to develop our products/services and grow our business)


Our lawful ground of processing your personal data to send you marketing communications is either your consent or our legitimate interests (namely to grow our business).

Under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, we may send you marketing communications from us if (i) you made a purchase or asked for information from us about our goods or services or (ii) you agreed to receive marketing communications and in each case you have not opted out of receiving such communications since. Under these regulations, if you are a limited company, we may send you marketing emails without your consent. However you can still opt out of receiving marketing emails from us at any time.

Promotional offers from us

We may use your Identity, Contact, Technical, Usage and Profile Data to form a view on what we think you may want or need, or what may be of interest to you. This is how we decide which products, services and offers may be relevant for you (we call this marketing).

You will receive marketing communications from us if you have requested information from us or purchased goods or services from us and you have not opted out of receiving that marketing.

Third-party marketing

We will get your express opt-in consent before we share your personal data with any third party for marketing purposes.

Opting out

You can ask us or third parties to stop sending you marketing messages at any time by contacting us.


You can set your browser to refuse all or some browser cookies, or to alert you when websites set or access cookies. If you disable or refuse cookies, please note that some parts of this website may become inaccessible or not function properly. For more information about the cookies we use, please see our Cookie Policy.

Change of purpose

We will only use your personal data for the purposes for which we collected it, unless we reasonably consider that we need to use it for another reason and that reason is compatible with the original purpose. If you wish to get an explanation as to how the processing for the new purpose is compatible with the original purpose, please contact us.

If we need to use your personal data for an unrelated purpose, we will notify you and we will explain the legal basis which allows us to do so.

Please note that we may process your personal data without your knowledge or consent, in compliance with the above rules, where this is required or permitted by law.

5. Disclosures of your personal data

We may share your personal data with the parties set out below for the purposes set out in the table ‘Purposes for which we will use your personal data’ above.

• Service providers, acting as processors who provide IT and system administration services.

• Professional advisers, acting as processors or joint controllers, including lawyers, bankers, auditors and insurers who provide consultancy, banking, legal, insurance and accounting services.

• HM Revenue & Customs, regulators and other authorities, acting as processors or joint controllers, based who require reporting of processing activities in certain circumstances.

• On an anonymous or hypothetical basis to the Association of Coaching or its representatives or other coaches for the purposes of our professional development, learning and supervision.

• Third parties to whom we may choose to sell, transfer or merge parts of our business or our assets. Alternatively, we may seek to acquire other businesses or merge with them. If a change happens to our business, then the new owners may use your personal data in the same way as set out in this privacy policy.

We require all third parties to respect the security of your personal data and to treat it in accordance with the law. We do not allow our third-party service providers to use your personal data for their own purposes and only permit them to process your personal data for specified purposes and in accordance with our instructions.

6. International transfers

We may transfer your data outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

Many of our external third parties are based outside the EEA so their processing of your personal data will involve a transfer of data outside the EEA.

Whenever we transfer your personal data out of the EEA, we ensure a similar degree of protection is afforded to it by ensuring at least one of the following safeguards is implemented:

• We will only transfer your personal data to countries that have been deemed to provide an adequate level of protection for personal data by the European Commission. For further details, see European Commission: Adequacy of the protection of personal data in non-EU countries.

• Where we use certain service providers, we may use specific contracts approved by the European Commission which give personal data the same protection it has in Europe.

Please contact us if you want further information on the specific mechanism used by us when transferring your personal data out of the EEA.

7. Data security

We have put in place appropriate security measures to prevent your personal data from being accidentally lost, used or accessed in an unauthorised way, altered or disclosed. In addition, we limit access to your personal data to those employees, agents, contractors and other third parties who have a business need to know. They will only process your personal data on our instructions and they are subject to a duty of confidentiality.

We have put in place procedures to deal with any suspected personal data breach and will notify you and any applicable regulator of a breach where we are legally required to do so.

8. Data retention

How long will you use my personal data for?

We will only retain your personal data for as long as reasonably necessary to fulfil the purposes we collected it for, including for the purposes of satisfying any legal, regulatory, tax, accounting or reporting requirements. We may retain your personal data for a longer period in the event of a complaint or if we reasonably believe there is a prospect of litigation in respect to our relationship with you.

To determine the appropriate retention period for personal data, we consider the amount, nature and sensitivity of the personal data, the potential risk of harm from unauthorised use or disclosure of your personal data, the purposes for which we process your personal data and whether we can achieve those purposes through other means, and the applicable legal, regulatory, tax, accounting or other requirements.

By law we have to keep basic information about our customers (including Contact, Identity, Financial and Transaction Data) for six years after they cease being customers for tax purposes.

In some circumstances you can ask us to delete your data: see your legal rights below for further information.

In some circumstances we will anonymise your personal data (so that it can no longer be associated with you) for research or statistical purposes, in which case we may use this information indefinitely without further notice to you.

9. Your legal rights

Under certain circumstances, you have rights under data protection laws in relation to your personal data. You have the right to:

Request access to your personal data (commonly known as a "data subject access request"). This enables you to receive a copy of the personal data we hold about you and to check that we are lawfully processing it.

Request correction of the personal data that we hold about you. This enables you to have any incomplete or inaccurate data we hold about you corrected, though we may need to verify the accuracy of the new data you provide to us.

Request erasure of your personal data. This enables you to ask us to delete or remove personal data where there is no good reason for us continuing to process it. You also have the right to ask us to delete or remove your personal data where you have successfully exercised your right to object to processing (see below), where we may have processed your information unlawfully or where we are required to erase your personal data to comply with local law. Note, however, that we may not always be able to comply with your request of erasure for specific legal reasons which will be notified to you, if applicable, at the time of your request.

Object to processing of your personal data where we are relying on a legitimate interest (or those of a third party) and there is something about your particular situation which makes you want to object to processing on this ground as you feel it impacts on your fundamental rights and freedoms. You also have the right to object where we are processing your personal data for direct marketing purposes. In some cases, we may demonstrate that we have compelling legitimate grounds to process your information which override your rights and freedoms.

Request restriction of processing of your personal data. This enables you to ask us to suspend the processing of your personal data in the following scenarios:

• If you want us to establish the data's accuracy.

• Where our use of the data is unlawful but you do not want us to erase it.

• Where you need us to hold the data even if we no longer require it as you need it to establish, exercise or defend legal claims.

• You have objected to our use of your data but we need to verify whether we have overriding legitimate grounds to use it.

Request the transfer of your personal data to you or to a third party. We will provide to you, or a third party you have chosen, your personal data in a structured, commonly used, machine-readable format. Note that this right only applies to automated information which you initially provided consent for us to use or where we used the information to perform a contract with you.

Withdraw consent at any time where we are relying on consent to process your personal data. However, this will not affect the lawfulness of any processing carried out before you withdraw your consent. If you withdraw your consent, we may not be able to provide certain products or services to you. We will advise you if this is the case at the time you withdraw your consent.

If you wish to exercise any of the rights set out above, please contact us.

No fee usually required

You will not have to pay a fee to access your personal data (or to exercise any of the other rights). However, we may charge a reasonable fee if your request is clearly unfounded, repetitive or excessive. Alternatively, we could refuse to comply with your request in these circumstances.

What we may need from you

We may need to request specific information from you to help us confirm your identity and ensure your right to access your personal data (or to exercise any of your other rights). This is a security measure to ensure that personal data is not disclosed to any person who has no right to receive it. We may also contact you to ask you for further information in relation to your request to speed up our response.

Time limit to respond

We try to respond to all legitimate requests within one month. Occasionally it could take us longer than a month if your request is particularly complex or you have made a number of requests. In this case, we will notify you and keep you updated.

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