Are you unwittingly self-sabotaging your best efforts?

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Are you living a purposeful life?


Are you living your life WITH purpose?

How purposeful is your life? How fulfilled do you feel?
Take the quiz to see if you're living your life as purposefully
and full of intention as you think you are.

I have a clear and specific vision of what I want to achieve in life

I set myself specific goals and strive toward them until achieved

I often feel like I’m chasing the next shiny thing, the next achievement

I feel confident in my sense of purpose and my ability to make a positive impact in the world

I spend my time very intentionally and feel that my actions take me closer to the impact I want to make in the world

I invest in my self-development and see it as a priority

I feel a deep sense of accomplishment and pride in what I’ve achieved

I feel content and satisfied. Life couldn’t be better

I love to be of service or share my unique gifts and have plenty of opportunities to do so

I feel present and live in the moment, most of the time

I have a sense that I’m “guided” in life ( whether by your own intuition or something spiritual or religious)

I have meaningful and healthy relationships with family and friends

I wake up excited about the day ahead

I delight in the smaller things in life (the sound of birds singing, getting a seat on the train)

I’m financially content; I feel I have everything I need

I’m living the life I want to be living and feel deeply fulfilled

I feel resilient against the challenges life throws at me

I love to learn new things, read new books or look for new experiences

I see  setbacks and challenges in life as an opportunity for growth and learning.

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