“WOW! Ani is incredible. First session with her and she unlocked something inside of me.”


I just gotta say WOW! Ani is incredible. First session with her and somehow she’s unlocked something inside of me. 

I was a bit ashamed to be admitting that I was struggling and needing help to get through this feeling of being a hostage of my own mind. 

Ani made me feel completely comfortable and calm about opening up. She helped me identify what my problems really were and gave me some simple tools to help overcome them. 

I was not expecting overnight transformation…but I tell you…if there was ever such a thing I am WELL on that path now!

The very next day, I woke up a different person. I wasn’t haunted and regretting the day before it started. Her advice gave me a clear direction. Acting on it was easy and I noticed profound changes beginning to happen from within.

I found myself eagerly attempting to face some of the fears that had previously caused me to tense up and shut down completely at just the mere thought of them. 

She’s seriously a miracle worker. To feel like this after one session?? I’ve tried so many things before and never had this feeling of certainty come over me. I’m excited for my next session and to see how things begin to unfold from here. 

Ani, I don’t know how you do it but I can’t thank you enough for helping me. You’re an amazing person with a true GIFT!