Are you unwittingly self-sabotaging your best efforts?

Intrigued to know your Ayurvedic Dosha (personality and body type)?

Where your thoughts go is where your energy flows.

Where your thoughts go is where your energy flows.

Be mindful of your thoughts as they create your future reality.

If you suffer from anxiety, fear or stress this will negatively impact your whole mind, body, emotions, flooding your body with a biochemical reaction that will give you all the physical symptoms of these things such as palpitations, quick & shallow breathing, etc.

Stay mindful, be in control of your thoughts, & remember just because you think it DOESN'T make them true.

I've had a lot of success with clients dealing with anxiety. I've used coaching techniques along with my meditation & mindfulness background as well as reframing techniques from NLP. With the Ayurveda I’m also able to recommend diet changes that will help you.

If you need support to overcome these feelings contact me to book a free 30 min discovery call to see how coaching with a multi-skilled practitioner can help you. Ani x