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Be Open

Be open

Life is full of possibilities if we remain open to them. I saw a post in a writer’s group on Thursday about a last-minute opening on a walking and writing holiday hosted by the same lovely people I went on my writing retreat in Greece with.

An off the cuff remark online resulted in me boarding a plane for Spain 48 hours later for my second journey of exploration into self and writing.

I’d found the first one so beneficial in terms of my personal and professional development.

The Greek retreat enabled me to find my ‘voice’ that I’d been struggling with and kick start a project I’d been thinking about for years but had been too scared or lacking in belief to start.

The confidence, support and inspiration I gained in Greece shifted my energy so much, my coaching practice suddenly flew off and I was ‘in the zone’.

Never happier despite a long break from my much-loved hubby across the other side of the world. Each day after was a mini revelation as I seemed to discover more new and exciting possibilities.

Once my horizons broadened they didn’t stop.

So what you’re probably thinking?

My point is this you are NEVER too old to live your dreams, put pen to paper, write that book, start a new project.

I’m no spring chicken anymore (thankfully) but I’ve embraced this new, daring me.

Once caught up in fear, living in limbo, now I took another leap to invest in myself by coming away at short notice to continue what I started in Greece in July.

We only live once, so let’s make the most of the time we have before it’s all over.

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