The work Ani does is life changing and for anyone who is wondering or thinking about working with her, do it, she’ll change your life too.

When I first met Ani, I knew I wasn’t in a very good place with my emotions, my body and my mindset but it wasn’t until I met Ani and spoke to her properly I finally became to realise what it was that was causing it. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for quite a few years now, I developed alopecia due to stress and I also could never really fully trust or open up to anyone. I met Ani 6 months ago and I remember our first phone call session, I instantly felt like I could connect with her. Her past and the stories she has to tell were so touching and heart warming, I felt like I was safe around her and could try to open up to her.

I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to work on but I knew I needed to change. Before I met Ani, I would go through very dark periods, I would stay in bed for days, not socialising with anyone. I cut myself off completely to any sort of romantic relationships and I also found myself losing people close to me because either I wasn’t around or I would push them away, with my own mood swings that I couldn’t explain and had no control over.

 I wanted to learn to love myself predominantly. That was the main starting point with Ani, but it didn’t take long for her to show me other aspects and saboteurs that were holding me back from achieving that. After my first few sessions with Ani, focusing on opening up to her about my past, she opened up my mind massively by helping me to understand myself and my own saboteurs. Ani showed me parts of myself that I never knew existed and really enlightened me to so many things that really helped me develop as a person.

Ani helped to teach me to love and respect myself and the body that I’m in, I fought very hard with my Judge saboteur and never felt like I was good enough or valued myself enough to accept any sort of kindness from anyone. 6 months down the line and I have not only opened myself up to new friendships and experiences but I have also finally opened up myself to romantic connections. 

Ani helped me in more ways than I could ever explain but one of the other massive parts of my life that Ani helped and supported me with was my ability to let go of things. She taught me all about victim complex. I had never heard of it before and I also would never have seen myself in that light before but since researching and discovering more about it with Ani, I soon realised how much it was controlling my life. I was trapping myself in a mindset of things out of my control and making myself go deeper into the dark hole by allowing my own thoughts to create and hold on to things that weren’t necessary. After learning to let things go that are out of my control and also focus on all the positives in my life, my whole body felt regenerated, I appreciated my life and all the little things that make it beautiful every day. Ani asked me to keep some journals of actions to complete everyday, which soon helped me find myself just sitting peacefully and taking in all the amazing things around me that before I took for granted. Everyday now I like to sit and just take a moment to appreciate the world around me and all the things that make it so beautiful.

Another amazing part to my work with Ani, was that I not only came to understand myself in more depth, but I also became so much more aware to the others around me and why they may be acting in certain ways. This gave such a big impact on how I see others and how I also act towards and around them, especially with my reactions to certain situations. I became a much more understanding and patient person and I think this has really helped me to secure such strong bonds with my loved ones. I also now find myself telling anyone who will listen about different saboteurs and quizzes that can be done to reflect on themselves as well, and help them too to get a better understanding of themselves and others. 

I honestly cannot even put into words how grateful I am to not only have met Ani but also to have worked with her. She truly is a miracle worker in my eyes. She has turned my life around in the most positive way possible. The work she does is life changing and for anyone who is wondering or thinking about working with her, do it, she’ll change your life too.