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"Kristen is intuitive and many a times helped me process my feelings/emotions thereby shifting my energy in the moment. It was very easy to connect with Kristen and share how I felt. Kristen helped me move so many steps forward towards my career goal. I highly recommend Kristen."

"Working with Kristen feels natural. She sees the good in everyone, and helps you see it too. Even on my worst days, she helped me see everything I could do and helped me keep my eyes on the goal."

"Thank you for working through this with me last week. I'm now able to move through this week without worrying if I 'did it right'. I really appreciate you helping me feel empowered and confident in my decisions."

Kristen Wright is a Certified Professional Coach with over 20 years of corporate leadership experience, specialising in empowering associates to create thriving work environments. She focuses on understanding the importance of your voice and using it to empower yourself and your team.

She is an iPec-trained coach using the Energy Leadership model as a base. She spent two decades working in banking and financial services, including management, coaching, and peer learning. Her expertise is in empowering associates, creating cohesive teams, and leading with humanity.

You have the power to control your energy, attitude, and decisions. It isn't always as easy as it sounds.With the mazes navigated each day it is easy to lose sight of overall goals. We are truly at our best when

we are giving ourselves the same compassion, love, and understanding we give others.

My coaching style is about empowering yourself to take control of the energy you create. Many times we forget how much control we have over our circumstances. My favourite moments are when my clients realise how much power they have to change their environment to work in their favour.

Shivani is an executive and leadership coach who has coached hundreds of professionals from a variety of industries and functional areas, ranging from C-suite executives to early career. She has considerable experience working with people from the software and the tech industry as well as intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. Her focus is leadership development as well as helping people improve their personal effectiveness, interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships.

She is an ICF-credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with certifications in Executive Coaching and Life Coaching. She holds an MBA from the University of Rochester in Strategy, Finance & Marketing. She also has a Masters degree in Economics with minors in Psychology and Sociology. Prior to becoming a coach, she worked in a variety of roles and held leadership positions in the advertising industry, real estate as well as education. Furthermore, for the past four years, she is also a Program Director at TiE, one of the world’s largest entrepreneurship organisations. She runs the Youth Entrepreneurship Program and is an instructor as well as a mentor.

She is passionate about helping people achieve their potential and become the best versions of themselves. She has always been drawn to the topic of what success means and how one can maximise their potential. She is deeply passionate about removing hurdles and enabling people’s growth. She has experience coaching people in navigating through volatility and uncertainty. As a working parent herself, she also coaches working parents to achieve their best version of work-life harmony. She uses a strengths-based approach and uses proven strategies, tools, and techniques from domains of psychology, leadership development, business and economics, education, and philosophy.

Varvara is the Co-founder of Healthy Options, Yoga & Fitness Holidays in Greece.

As a successful businesswoman, she understands the concerns & worries of women in business. She is passionate about helping these women to realign with their values, feel energised and live with ease and contentment.

Her coaching is a unique blend of mental fitness techniques, yoga principles and assisting women in reactivating their purpose through building positive new patterns that intuitively fit with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Varvara is an expert with balancing mindful living with family and work life. She has decades of yoga and mindfulness practice along side her coaching qualifications that enable Varvara to create a bespoke coaching program for her clients, with a sustainable and practical toolkit to help women feel strong and resilient enough to tackle whatever life throws at them.