Are you unwittingly self-sabotaging your best efforts?

Intrigued to know your Ayurvedic Dosha (personality and body type)?

My Story

Health and wellbeing have been a passion of mine for the last 10 years.

Since meeting my husband on a yoga retreat in Greece, (he was the teacher, I was one of the student’s) and having to overcome a health crisis, I have been drawn to yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and self-improvement.

I am passionate about wellness. This has allowed me to grow mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually over the years.

During this time I have learnt, follow and teach Ayurvedic, yoga and mindfulness principles.

I added coaching to my skill set as I found they are a perfect compliment to my background.

Coaching helps people get really clear on what they want and how to put it into action while at the same time having someone keep you accountable. Life is so much easier with a coach!

I went into this as a means to help people that are feeling uncertain or struggling with certain aspects of their lives like I was. To support people to realise their dreams & live to their full potential. I was able to heal myself through using these & other therapies and I love seeing the transformation that coaching brings.