“I highly recommend Ani to anyone who needs help with anxiety or with changing their attitudes towards money, success.”

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

I went to see Ani as I was experiencing anxiety, fear and worrisome thoughts. I was worried about COVID 19 and the impact on me and my family as some family members were considered high risk. I wanted to feel calmer, more relaxed and manage my stress and anxiety better. While working with Ani I gained insights into how my thoughts and feelings impact my behaviour which in turn impacts my quality of life. I learnt a variety of tools and techniques I could use to help me so instead of feeling panicked and anxious I could reframe my perspective and took more control over my thoughts and actions. I started to feel better after our first session and subsequent sessions created a foundation for me to fall back on for the rest of my life. Once Ani had helped me manage my stress and anxiety, we continued working together on other areas of my life. Ani noticed I had some limiting beliefs around money and so we worked on my money beliefs so I could create more abundance in my life.

Ani is extremely caring, patient, and kind and is available whenever I have needed her. I have seen therapists in the past who have not shown me the patience and nonjudgmental stance that Ani has through her coaching. I’m very grateful for the anxiety and money mindset programs I have completed with Ani and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with anxiety or needs help with changing their attitudes towards money, success, and how they define abundance.