I feel privileged to have connected with Ani and I consider her a true friend.That was my amazing experience with Ani.

I’m a Quality Manager, 38 & a single Mum. I want to share my amazing experience.

I have changed significantly since we started, personally & professionally. Ani & I were an excellent fit and formed a real connection.

I was suffering from PTSD & anxiety, following a burglary. I felt trapped on a hamster wheel of work, sleep eat repeat, with very little joy or time for myself.

I was able to have honest and open discussions with Ani, about all aspects. Ani makes you feel safe & valued.

Key growths; have been around mindfulness & present in the moment. I dug deep to identify the self-sabotage and acknowledge the way I was speaking to myself. I had never reflected & considered that a lot of my struggles were coming from me and that I had the power to fix them (with the right support from Ani)!

My anxiety reduced from a daily occurrence to non-existent. I didn’t drive due to panic attacks for 6 months. Last month I bought myself a new car and have been all over in it, making new memories. I have learned excellent tools to combat any reoccurring signs of anxiety through 121s, meditation recordings, etc.

I improved my breathing technique through regular meditations. I learned that how I talk to myself, get the correct nutrients & rest, all have an impact on performance & productivity.

I noticed huge improvements in how I communicate and empathise with others, especially my daughter. This for me has been the most priceless gift Ani could have given to me.

My approach to challenges and busier periods now is to take one step at a time and work methodically- as opposed to being frantic or multitasking. Who knew multitasking increased stress? (I just thought I was Supermum)!

Today I feel happier in myself than I can remember & most importantly I'm kinder to myself.

I can hand on heart say I would recommend coaching with Ani to anyone. It has changed my life for the better and improved my relationship with myself & everyone around me. My confidence, overall wellbeing and ambitious personality are magnified & I feel ready to face anything this crazy world has to throw at me!

I have just taken on the next big challenge in my career. I feel better equipped than ever with the growth I have made, to elevate my new role to the next level. I continue to focus on living my best life.

I feel privileged to have connected with Ani and I consider her a true friend. I cannot praise Ani enough for her time, wisdom, guidance and warmth. It has significantly changed my life and outlook on the world, both personally and professionally.

My coaching may have come to an end, but I enjoy keeping Ani up to date with all the changes in my life. It’s a rare thing to find someone in the world who has such a profound and positive impact on your life. Ani you were that person for me and I will always cherish our sessions and continued friendship. Thank you so much Ani for being you. If you want to feel this contact Ani today.

-Anna Louise Green