“Coaching with Ani has made me realise that I have the power to create any life I want. Anything is possible! I now choose how I live my life and believe I can achieve anything!”

Holly Duns Case Study
Holly Duns is now more peaceful, happier, accepting and content in herself and has clarity on what really brings her joy!

Holly decided she wanted to work with me to help her overcome and manage her anxiety and panic attacks that she had been suffering from for many years. I’m delighted to say we made that and much more happen!

Holly had a concern about coaching she wasn’t sure it was the right time for her to make the investment with COVID 19 and all the uncertainty there was at this time.

But Holly was suffering with anxiety and panic attacks which were negatively impacting her life so she decided to invest in her future by working with me anyway.

Here is what Holly said.

“Ani has helped me be kinder to myself and accept myself while giving me a range of self-empowering tools I’ve incorporated into my daily routine. I am now more in tune with my mind and body and able to listen to what I need.I don’t panic now when I feel uncomfortable or anxious thoughts, instead I’m able to detach myself from them while at the same time nurture that part of me by listening to what it needs and giving it that.

I’m much more optimistic about the future. Before I was confused about what to do, I’m an artist but fear was holding me back from deciding on whether to go forward and set my art business up or not. Ani’s coaching helped me get clarity that this is where my joy lies and my heart wants me to paint. I cherish and respect my art more now.

She has helped me build on the business side while at the same time helping me with my levels of happiness, contentment and peace.Ani has helped me grow in confidence, I have a more fearless nature, and a deeper awareness of myself and how and what affects me and what I choose to let into my world.

The biggest thing has been letting go of the past which was tough but a great release. I threw out half my wardrobe as a result!”

What problem or challenges were you facing or experiencing prior to us coaching together?

Anxiety, and believing in myself and moving positively into the future.

What did you want to achieve that you were excited to get coaching on?

A calm, relaxed and happy life full of things I loved. Being healthy and happy.

During our coaching together what have you learned or found to be most valuable?

I found out how much I live in my head; worrying about the past or the future and not living properly in the present. The most valuable thing I’ve learnt is how much pressure I put on myself and how much easier things are when I take this away. We all have control over how we live our lives and the things that fall into our laps unexpectedly, we have a choice how we react to them.

Tell me about the successes you’re already celebrating.

My meditation practice has been built on, doubled in fact. I can see the benefits of it more now and look forward to it. Friends and family are noticing the difference in me and are so pleased I took the leaps to change things. I think the biggest thing though, is not being so scared when I don't feel on top form, because that's OK. We aren't meant to feel 100% all the time, we have hormones which affect our moods, the body/mind makes us tired so we rest it and so many other things affect us. Even the moon, I'm still learning about that one. But most importantly, I'm learning not to be so scared of a lower mood. Instead respect it for what it is. Take note and hug it. Nurture yourself, take the pressure off and respect yourself. Ani always says to think about what you'd say to a best friend.

I’m not so scared when I notice I'm experiencing feelings of anxiety now. I listen to my body, give it what it needs whether that's meditation, an early night or just a few deep breathes. Ani has also encouraged me to write things down, talk through and reason the thoughts or fears I'm having. This really helps as my mind can send me on some random roads sometimes! But bringing ourselves back to our breath and the present, helps to ground us again.

What have you been able to achieve with our coaching together? (More peace, calm, relaxation, happiness, money, jobs, goals reached, things implemented, more contentment etc)

More peace in myself, calm, perspective, optimism, a built confidence in myself, a more fearless nature, a more positive routine and awareness of myself and how and what affects me - food wise and what I now choose to let into my world.

I’m hoping this all helps to build of attracting money into my new business venture. I feel very optimistic about this!

Why has coaching been a great decision for you? What’s changed for you in your life? How do you feel about your joy factor, business, yourself etc (More joy, peace, etc)

I think the biggest thing has been letting go of the past and knowing the sort of people I want to be around and share my time with. Most questions we ask ourselves, can be answered by really connecting with ourselves. When I am fearing something…. Even if I don't quite know what it is… I will mediate on it. Connect and that usually gives me the answer.

I am an artist and my heart wants me to paint. Ani has helped me to know this is where my joy lies. To take note of that.

I cherish and respect it more now.

What is the piece of advice or wisdom you want to share with someone who is thinking of coaching with me?

If your story that you are living at the moment isn't working for you, then the only person that can change it is you. The biggest and most important thing you can invest in is yourself. What Ani does can be life changing, if you are prepared to put the work in. But the first step is to trust Ani, let her help you. Because she can and will.

Now I say more positive things to myself than negative. I ensure I say positive affirmations to myself at least 3x a day…. While you wash up…. Meditate…go for a run…

But whereas before I just repeated them… Now I really feel them and believe them. Ani helped me to create personal affirmations which I really believe in and can connect with.

I'm still learning but I am so much more aware now.