“Because of Ani I am finally achieving things I always wanted to in life but didn’t have the courage to direction to achieve them.”


Before I started coaching with Ani, I was in one of the most difficult phases of depression episodes in my life. It was so bad, that at one point I believed that dying would be easier than living the way that I was. I had given up on any hope of ever feeling better, and the idea of living another 40-50 years of my life in this condition disheartened me. I was willing to do anything to help myself, so I decided to do some online counselling with a licensed therapist for about four months, but to my disappointment, it didn’t turn out to be as helpful as I hoped and I ended up leaving it.

 Ani ended up reaching out to me about coaching and offered me an opportunity that changed my life.

 I went from not being able to function without antidepressants for two years, taking a short term leave from work and spending most of my days crying or sleeping in bed, to finally feeling like I had some life in my veins and some purpose to live.

 Ani coached me to help me gain more clarity about what changes I wanted to see in my life.

 She used meditation, Ayurvedic medicine, and various coaching techniques to help me find clarity of what goals I wanted to set, and direction on how to achieve those goals.

 Her techniques helped empower me to find the answers within myself, set up a plan on how to achieve my goals and measurements on how to track the progress.

 I finally started to feel like I had purpose in my life, and slowly started to gain the courage to get out of bed and look forward to my day.

 She was very professional, patient, and kind and her positive energy helped me get through some extremely tough times.

 She is passionate about her work, knowledgeable in meditation and Ayurveda, so you know you can trust her. She also cares about her clients and does not do it for the money, but more for her desire to help people, which you will experience for yourself.

 She has changed my life in the span of a few months and I cannot thank her enough for the blessings! I have become a stronger and better person because of her and feel like I am finally achieving things I always wanted to in life but didn’t have the courage or direction to achieve them.

 Highly recommend her! Thank you so much, Ani! You are truly a blessing.