Ani made me realise my negative chatter and saboteurs. Ani opened the door for me.

Hi, my name is Moira, I am a communication executive in a global FMCG.

Weeks are long and fast-paced, and the only constant is change. It’s easy to slip into stress and anxiety and go down the slippery road to exhaustion. And with the constant changes, it’s easy to doubt myself and think I am not good enough and work more to “compensate for my lack of something”. These periods have been coming back over the years. I wanted to stop these roller coasters.

I chose to work with Ani as I wanted to find more balance in my work life. I wanted to shift from a state where my work is taking over my life to a state where I feel empowered to take decisions, and where I enjoy what I am doing.

Ani made me realize my negative chatter and saboteurs. I understand their trigger points now, and more importantly, Ani gave me a set of tools to practice daily to weaken my negative chatters and find more flow in my life. Ani made me realize that “mental reps” were as important as fitness reps – a to the point comparison for me as I am working out every day – and the mental reps also needed to be practised regularly. Well, it made sense yet sounded quite abstract in the beginning so I decided to give it a go and practised every day my actions and over the months I started to feel more calm and grounded, less reactive to situations, more empowered to take decisions in any given circumstance and also more joyful. Same work, same situation, yet a totally different experience. The power was in me to see things differently. Ani opened the door for me.

If you are struggling with ongoing stress, anxiety, imposter syndrome, feeling trapped and a victim of your life circumstances - being at work, or with your family, or with a health condition, I would recommend you contact Ani asap to help you understand what’s going on, establish a daily practice to rebalance you and reconnect with your confident self. You will enjoy the same life circumstances with more flow and happiness.

-Moira Boulange