“Ani is an incredible coach!”

Ani is an incredible coach! Every session I've had with her has been a profound experience. I really enjoy how she pushes you (gently!) to go deeper within yourself to dig out the real issues that are holding you back. She listens and you can tell she truly cares to help. There's this stigma I've carried about coaches (of any type) that it's just a job to them, or that you're just another number x client...but I actually see and feel the difference when working with Ani. The tools she's taught me to use have changed my life forever and helped me become stronger in my decisions and not be so attached to negative thoughts. She's helped me overcome a dark depression, get clearer about my business and where I want to take it, and create a routine that helps me juggle kids, relationships, working from home full time, and the million other things on my plate. Everything is in such a more positive light now and I couldn't have found my way here without her guidance. So thank you Ani! You've helped me bring out the real me and I am so grateful for you.

-Callie Bowen