“Ani helps you to let go of the past and negative thoughts about the future and live in the present.”


Ani helps with confidence building to grow and embrace the sort of person you want to be. She never pushes but gently guides you back to what you truly want. Then helps you to cut out the BS we all put up as a barrier.

I really appreciate my check in messages with Ani. She is a lovely human being! We need more Ani guidance 😘

I wanted to update this recommendation, now a few months down the line after working with ani. After a very unsettling time in my life, ani has helped me to get back on track, recenter and refocus. I am so much more aware of my body and what it needs. Recenter and work out what brings me joy in my life and what doesn’t. Sometimes it’s so easy to get lost! I got lost. Ani has taught me and helped me to not be so scared of different emotions and changes the body and mind goes through. But to nurture it and be patient with myself. Ani helps you to let go, let go of the past and negative thoughts about the future and live in the present. Which has really helped with not fearing feelings of anxiety. I listen to my body more which has helped me to realise what relationships are positive in my life and which aren’t.

Ani helps to build life long changes in your life. Personal affirmations, guidance on meditation, business support etc

I have had her first taster package, sessions with remote access.

Ani works on all aspects that affects our lives. Even down to diet. I am more aware of what foods effect me. And notice these more now.

Live changes take time. I’m looking forward to now move more into business guidance with Ani. I’m so grateful to have her guidance, knowledge and support.

If you are going to invest in anything. Invest in yourself. You can make it work and ani helps you to do this.

YOU are what matters the most.