“After Coaching With Ani I Felt Great, Very Light Compared To The Heaviness From Before”

I came to see Ani for crippling social anxiety which meant I found it difficult to be around others & lived in fear of others judgement. But after coaching with Ani I felt great, very light compared to the heaviness from before. I used to have a heavyweight on my chest worrying about what people say or what might happen & I learnt to let that go. I hadn't felt that good in a while. I was able to spend more time with people as before I'd just hide in my room avoiding contact.I was able to focus more on me and my thoughts, and how they were negatively impacting me and contributing to my anxiety. Within even a session I took away a variety of tools and techniques that helped me remove my negative thoughts while focussing on positive thoughts. This helped remove my self-consciousness so I became happier. Thanks, Coach! Honestly, sometimes someone listening makes a huge difference but someone listening to you and uplifting you is even better. Thank you so much, I am a changed person, I can sleep better whereas I had insomnia before. More open about my struggles, much happier & everyone, friends, family & colleagues have all noticed a big difference. I can't thank you enough for your support.