Are you unwittingly self-sabotaging your best efforts?

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A quote from Venkatesananda’s Supreme Yoga

‘All mental weaknesses come to an end by self-effort based on the wisdom which arises in one who is firmly rooted in self-knowledge. The distress of the mind is got rid of by enquiry into the nature of the self. One should enquire in one’s own mind, “What are these moods and modes and feeling that arise within me?” By such enquiry, your mind expands. When you realise your true nature by such enquiry, you are not disturbed by exultation and depression. The mind abandons the past and the future, and thus it's fragmented functioning. Then you experience supreme peace. When you are in that state of tranquillity, you take pity on all those who revel in great wealth and secular power. When you have gained self-knowledge and when your consciousness has infinitely expanded, your mind no longer falls into the cesspool of this world, even as an elephant does not enter a puddle. It is only the little mind that seeks little pleasure and power.’

A quote from

* Venkatesananda's Supreme Yoga