Positive Mind, Positive Life – Uncover Limiting Beliefs


Positive Mind, Positive Life – Uncover Limiting Beliefs 💪 👉Ever wanted a step by step guide on smashing your limiting beliefs and creating the mindset that will help you attract what you want and create a happy and fulfilling life? 👇 Well this is one of the many things I do with my clients that I’d like… Continue reading Positive Mind, Positive Life – Uncover Limiting Beliefs

The inner critic

We all have an inner critic, a voice inside. This part is a part of ourself and represents our fears. Its purpose is there to keep us safe. Protect us from harm. Keep us cosy and comfortable. It’s our internal protector and it likes what we already know. The familiarity of how we have always… Continue reading The inner critic

Tips to Overcome Anxiety


Tips to Overcome Anxiety 1 in 3 people suffer from some form of depression or anxiety in their lifetime. Anxiety can be crippling, affecting relationships, work and everyday life. Small tasks can become momentous. Depression is usually when we get stuck in the past and anxiety is when we are worrying about the future. Mindfulness… Continue reading Tips to Overcome Anxiety



As we’re well and truly into Autumn now – here is an Ayurvedic tip to pacify Vata dosha which can get aggravated during Autumn time. Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic self-massage technique that is effective at keeping Vata dosha in balance during the change of season. Massage using warm sesame oil daily, before showering. For the… Continue reading Abhyanga

Life isn’t always sunshine and roses.


Life isn’t always sunshine and roses. Crap things happen, it’s a part of the normal ups and downs that life has to offer. Happiness isn’t a permanent state but one that changes with your moods and experiences. And that’s all fine. Social media can make us think everyone is living a perfect life but perfection… Continue reading Life isn’t always sunshine and roses.

A quote from Venkatesananda’s Supreme Yoga


‘All mental weaknesses come to an end by self-effort based on the wisdom which arises in one who is firmly rooted in self-knowledge. The distress of the mind is got rid of by enquiry into the nature of the self. One should enquire in one’s own mind, “What are these moods and modes and feeling… Continue reading A quote from Venkatesananda’s Supreme Yoga

A quote from Venkatesananda’s Supreme Yoga


‘All mental weaknesses come to an end by self-effort based on the wisdom which arises in one who is firmly rooted in self-knowledge. The distress of the mind is got rid of by enquiry into the nature of the self. One should enquire in one’s own mind, “What are these moods and modes and feeling… Continue reading A quote from Venkatesananda’s Supreme Yoga

Be Open


Be open Life is full of possibilities if we remain open to them. I saw a post in a writer’s group on Thursday about a last-minute opening on a walking and writing holiday hosted by the same lovely people I went on my writing retreat in Greece with. An off the cuff remark online resulted… Continue reading Be Open

Digital detox


SELF CARE, DIGITAL DETOX, UNPLUG FROM THE MATRIX I’m always banging on about self care, the benefits of meditation/mindfulness and mindset work (amongst many others)! Every year for the past two years I do at least one 10 day silent meditation with no phones and often I do two. This weekend I’m going for a… Continue reading Digital detox

Mother Earth


We need to take care of ourselves before we can look after others. If you don’t take care of you then no one else will. It’s so important for our relationship with ourselves to show ourselves love, compassion and care. This morning I went for a stroll to Wimbledon Park, bumped into a neighbour &… Continue reading Mother Earth

Why I love coaching


I love, coaching! Coaching is THE most powerful tool I’ve ever come across and believe me I have tried almost everything. What makes coaching so different is that it’s the coachee that does the work to change, the coach is just a good facilitator. As a coach I help people gain awareness and understand the… Continue reading Why I love coaching

Vata Dosha


Wednesday Wellness According to Ayurveda the sister philosophy to yoga each season is governed by a particular dosha/ humour. Summer is ruled by Pitta dosha, fire, but as we move into Autumn Vata dosha takes over. Vata, is composed of air and space element, it’s irregular and responsible for movement. It has the qualities of… Continue reading Vata Dosha

Where your thoughts go is where your energy flows.


Where your thoughts go is where your energy flows. Be mindful of your thoughts as they create your future reality. If you suffer from anxiety, fear or stress this will negatively impact your whole mind, body, emotions, flooding your body with a biochemical reaction that will give you all the physical symptoms of these things… Continue reading Where your thoughts go is where your energy flows.

Slow down to speed up

⁣ Today I took the afternoon off to spend with a dear friend who’d invited me on a Thames cruise. ⁣ ⁣ It’s important to connect with others, take time out for fun and enjoy life with small things.⁣ ⁣ Taking time out for you actually makes you more productive, keeps you relaxed therefore stress… Continue reading Slow down to speed up



You don’t need to wake up like most of the population feeling gloomy. Here are some mindset hacks to help you make the most of your Monday & the coming week. Reframing is a great technique I use with my clients. One of the ways we can do this is by saying a positive affirmation… Continue reading Mindset

Who here knows what Ayurveda is?


Who here knows what Ayurveda is? Ayurveda has been an important part of my life for over 10 years. I’ve been an Ayurvedic Consultant & Yoga Therapist/Teacher for over 10 years now. It’s a traditional Indian system of medicine & comes from the Samkhya philosophy which is where yoga also comes from. Did you know… Continue reading Who here knows what Ayurveda is?

Lack of confidence


One of the things that comes up with many clients is a lack of confidence. In their abilities, talents & in life. One of the things that help is daily affirmations which build confidence. Find one that works for you. Here’s one in case you’re struggling with your own. “I am confident”. Do you use… Continue reading Lack of confidence

Benefits of slowing down


Next time you feel yourself rushing around ask yourself does it really matter if you’re two minutes late? Rushing activates your flight & fight response, spiking adrenaline & flooding your body with stress hormones. The fight or flight response is incredibly useful when we’re in danger but we can activate this for relatively minor things… Continue reading Benefits of slowing down

3 tips for Insomniacs


Do you suffer from insomnia, frequent waking up at night or light sleep? Here are 3 tips for getting a good nights sleep. If you’d like more information about yoga nidra and it’s benefits click here https://tripura-yoga.com/yoga-nidra/ If you’d like to order a yoga nidra track from me, please PM me for info.

Yoga & Meditation Benefits


The science community is finally catching up with what yoga has been teaching for over 5000 years. Harvard has conducted some rare research on the benefits of yoga & meditation, proving its benefits. https://www.collective-evolution.com/2016/01/16/it-works-new-study-outlines-what-meditation-yoga-prayer-can-do-to-the-human-body/?fbclid=IwAR03FSaidaACYiUetPUpOvcx-s2m5foCJt9vfWm_2drsGK-e28LX9EyL1JQ If you need help with meditation & mindfulness please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I have been a yoga &… Continue reading Yoga & Meditation Benefits

What is Meditation?


There’s so much news about the benefits of meditation around these days but many people still seem to have a misconception of what it actually is. People think it’s about emptying the mind or making your thoughts go away. Meditation is the simple act of being present with yourself. Awareness of the body, the breath,… Continue reading What is Meditation?



Forgiveness is the key to healing fully & completely. Forgive those that have hurt you in the past, let go of grudges & resentments. Most of all FORGIVE YOURSELF. Warmly, Ani

Power of the Mind


Do you know how powerful the mind is? Our mindset creates our reality daily. For years I’d think negative thoughts & hate myself so when I was diagnosed with a serious health crisis years later, deep down I wasn’t that shocked. After all, I had been denying parts of me and rejecting myself for a… Continue reading Power of the Mind

Amazing feedback from a client who had been on anti-depressants


Some amazing feedback from a client who had been on anti-depressants & Xanax for 3 years prior to working with me. They found therapy hadn’t given them the change they wanted so we used coaching techniques with my holistic approach. It’s faster to get results with all-round care that involves not just talking therapy but… Continue reading Amazing feedback from a client who had been on anti-depressants

Up and Downs


Life will always be full of ups and downs. It’s easy to be happy when everything is going well but the true test is when we have to overcome obstacles. See your challenges as an opportunity for growth, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. I have used every challenge in my life to develop myself &… Continue reading Up and Downs



I’m not a fan of the Daily Mail but this article highlights one of the many problems with the use of antidepressants. The UK prescribes more antidepressants than any other Western country. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7084025/Royal-College-Pyschiatrists-warn-doctors-anti-depressants-dangerous-effects.html?fbclid=IwAR0Lz8ZlWpjld5J8t68fc2_FxR9dxXuUFCXI8o-6Zi-Sg1e6DCyDE4D4q70 Yet there are many alternatives to using antidepressants. One of my clients who had been reliant on antidepressants and anxiety medication for… Continue reading Antidepressant???

What makes your heart sing?


I was chatting to someone today about the news. It reminded me of my first job out of uni working as a BBC Journalist & how I felt back then. I didn’t realise at the time but the constant barrage of negative stories really impacted my mind, body and emotions. It literally made me angry… Continue reading What makes your heart sing?

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My Story


Health and wellbeing have been a passion of mine for the last 10 years. Since meeting my husband on a yoga retreat in Greece, (he was the teacher, I was one of the student’s) and having to overcome a health crisis, I have been drawn to yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and self-improvement. I am passionate about… Continue reading My Story

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